Tsumako – What's that All About?

“Hey there, thanks a bunch for dropping by. Oh, for those of you who are new here – nice to meet you!
I'm Tsumako, the unofficial mascot of Kikusui Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Huh? What do you mean by ‘unofficial’?
Well, let's just say... um...there are some grown-up reasons behind that, so let's keep it hush-hush.

I, Tsumako, was born as a guardian angel for the 4th-generation successor and President, Ms. Akie Suenobu (aka ‘Okiku-chan’).
As a 100% Japanese-raised-and-made toothpick, I just want to live peacefully every day, but it seems that Okiku-chan is a bit of a scatterbrain and keeps getting into all sorts of mischief.

But hey, it seems like she's working hard to make sure us Japanese-made toothpicks stick around for a long time. So, I'm here to introduce toothpicks and Kikusui Sangyo – if you feel like supporting us, that would be awesome!

The Daily Life of
Kikusui Sangyo and Tsumako

It seems like Kikusui Sangyo's daily life is being updated on X (formerly Twitter) all the time.
I don't really get it, but apparently they have 80,000 followers.
Sometimes, we go viral and even appear in various internet news articles and on TV. Pretty amazing, right?

Also, thanks to one of Okiku-chan's ideas, they regularly post campaigns and special offers. Since I'm making an appearance there, feel free to check it out.


ラジオ大阪「OBCグッドアフタヌーン! #ラジぐぅ」に出演しました

Surprising Facts about Toothpicks

By the way, folks, how much do you know about toothpicks? Did you know, the town of Kawachinagano in Osaka Prefecture, where Okiku-chan's company is located, has been producing toothpicks as a local industry since around 1883?

Okiku-chan's family started out making Kuromoji picks as a side-hustle, and her great-grandfather, the first-generation president Mr. Arao Baku, established a company called ‘Baku Toothpick Shop’ in 1960.

Then in 1983, under the name Kikusui Sangyo Co., Ltd. (borrowing the name of the family crest of Kusunoki Masashige), they also started making toothpicks made from Japanese-grown white birch toothpicks, and have been continuing ever since, as a small family business.

And you know what? Apparently, there are only two companies in Japan making authentically 100% Japanese round-form toothpicks.
There's been a shortage of raw materials, so Kikusui is tackling this by making toothpicks that reduce waste and by collaborating with Japanese wood craftspeople on product development.

Not Just Toothpicks at Kikusui Sangyo

Okiku-chan is working hard on various things, right?! Not only with growing all kinds of connections, responding to customer ideas, making our toothpicks even better - now all kinds of kitchen products have been popping up like crazy.

If you find something you like, you can buy it at our online store, so give it a click.

Well, I've been rambling on about a lot of things, but I hope you'll continue to stick around with I, Tsumako, Okiku-chan, and the rest of the gang for a long time to come.
Just like toothpicks! LOL
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