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Our product manufacturing is supported by various relationships.
We listen to our customers' feedback and create products and experiences that make you say, "That's great!", always thinking outside the box.
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Valuing our limited resources

Our work involves using precious natural resources, and we are mindful that producing excessive B-grade (‘less than perfect’) products can be wasteful. That is why we place great importance on reevaluating our processes, including what may have been taken for granted in the past, pausing to carefully consider and ask ourselves, “Is this really necessary?”

Creating value together with customers

Feedback from our business partners and customers, received through consultations and social media, serves as our driving force. We enthusiastically transform, “‘Wouldn’t it be nice…’ ideas”, such as “I’d like unvarnished natural-material kitchen utensils” or “It might be interesting to hand out personalized toothpicks at events!” into reality.

Collaboration with craftsmanship from other regions

Japan has long been known for its beautifully crafted functional kitchen utensils made from wood and bamboo. We shine a light on such wonderful items and the "irreplaceable craftsmanship" of artisans. We want to deliver cherished objects to our customers imbued with the warmth of the craftspeople that made them.

Discovering the delights of Japan's Indigenous Kuromoji

The material of our founding product, the Kuromoji pick, is from a Japanese indigenous species of fragrant wood. Kuromoji is used for many things including to make tea and aromatherapy essential oils, and has a wealth of potential. With the collaboration of industry, government, and academia, we aim to conduct independent research that sheds light on the appeal of Kuromoji.


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